Before Christmas 2018 we were trying to take family pictures in front of the tree and I felt like I looked huge and terrible in every picture. I woke up the next morning and took the picture with the toothbrush in my mouth feeling defeated! I had tried multiple diets and exercise and nothing helped me to lose weight or become healthier. I was frustrated, not sleeping well, found myself becoming easily irritated and unhappy with life.

I’m a busy nurse, IBCLC, Health Coach, mom, wife and owner of a food truck. I’m busy all the time. Since I found this optimal health program I lost 54 pounds in six months and over 35 inches off my entire body. I have kept the weight off for six months.   I now sleep much better, feel rested every morning, have more energy throughout the day and it’s helping me be confident in my own skin and life. I truly believe in this program so much and it is continuing to change my life and others around me daily.

If this is something you are interested in and would like more information, I would love to help you.  Please reach out!  Call, text, or email.  We are available. There are multiple coaches on my team and we are here for you!!

This could be YOU.  Call or text us today at 580-399-4981.

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